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MacAndrew Inman

1 month ago

Galveston Financial Capital: Contact Us

Galveston Financial Capital: Contact Us

Please contact us if you have questions, or to let us know how we're doing. Your feedback helps us to always provide quality service to our customers.


Galveston County Small Business Development Center

8419 Emmett F. Lowry Expressway

Texas City, Texas 77591

M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. - Hours


409-933-3365 - Fax


Suggestions/Feedback Form


Thanks for taking the time to give us suggestions/feedback. Feel free to tell us anything that's on your mind about SBDC and topics you would like us to address in the future. Please be as specific as possible.

4 months ago

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: Depend on the expertise of a car servicing company

Relying on the expertise of a car servicing company could give you the assurance that your car is in good hands. Gaining benefits and quality car maintenance and repair are also not new in this endeavor. Provided in the following are some benefits of having the services of a car servicing company:



To longer the lifespan of your car, you need to keep your machines clean all the time to ensure its durability. This way, you could steer clear of unwanted rusts in your car as well as chinks in your engine. If the weather is bad such as there's a heavy snow or rain, then you should thoroughly clean your car, but not just during these times, regular cleaning of your automobile is also advised. To always ensure the good condition of your car, it would be better to ask the help of professionals.


High value

In the long run, a well-maintained car will definitely have a high resale value. You can ask a car servicing company such as the Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group to keep detailed and up-to-date maintenance records. By doing this, you'll also get regular reminders that will advise you to perform the required and scheduled tasks on time.


Budget friendly

We say budget friendly because a car servicing company can help you avoid any huge problems in your car, and when we say big problems then it involves a lot of expenses on your side. Cars are not perfect machines after all because they might have some faults later on such as defects caused by the weather or constant use. A professional can better identify those problems and can handle any minor problems in advance before they become major ones.


Technical expertise

Many car owners entrust their cars to a car servicing company such as the Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group because they have the required technical skills and tools that an ordinary car owner doesn't have. They allow such companies do wheel-balancing, electrical repairs or ignition timing on their cars.



Let a car servicing company take care of your car's maintenance and repair log. By doing this, they could have further value in the coming years.


Car servicing companies such as the Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group encourages customers to concentrate on more productive activities than worrying themselves about the condition of their cars since such companies could better handle all the aspects involved in taking care of automobiles.

8 months ago

Bacall Conniff and Associates Review: Overview of the Restaurant Business

Ever thought how restaurants began? Have you realized that the evolution of this type of business affected everyone? And how its growth transformed the industrialization and the economic system of the world?

Back in the days, people especially those who inhabit a place were used to farming and breeding of animals for their food. The birth of town and cities where people engaged in much more specialized activity leads for many to delegate the former home-based task of cooking food to a person or an enterprise that made good money doing so.

The restaurant came into existence merely to save time and also to avoid the strenuous routine of preparing food each and every day.  Each restaurant has a unique menu list where they can showcase their signature dishes. Anyone could even order American, Japanese, European and Italian dishes and have it delivered at their doorstep.

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are entering the restaurant industry causing a variety and sheer abundance of food choices. The love of many for burgers and doughnut has allowed these businesses to become a multi-billion dollar industry. Even the simple beverage like coffee drove the expansion of restaurant chains. The restaurant did not only change the economic texture of civilization but also the lifestyles of people in general. Many people with hectic lifestyles rarely cook at home and settle for take-out foods on working days.

The inescapable growth of fast food chains globally brought one negative effect on people's health. Food prepared by these establishments contributes little or no nutritional value to consumer’s health. But with the advancement of the wellness and fitness industry, many people nowadays choose healthy food options thus making restaurant owners to incorporate healthy food choices into their menu. This shows that the restaurant industry will continue to change and accommodate consumers demand.

Bacall Conniff and Associates Certified Public Accountants are exceptionally good in providing accounting and financial service to the highly competitive restaurant industry.

9 months ago

Big in Borneo: Experience Travel Group Launches Brand New Holidays by Bacall Associates

Bespoke travel experts Experience Travel Group are excited to launch their first programme of holidays to the beautiful island of Borneo. Despite being the world’s third largest island, Borneo is still relatively undiscovered by tourists and has much to offer. Shared by Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia, the island boasts dramatic landscapes, breathtaking beaches and is a must-see for all wildlife lovers – a vast number of exotic species such as orangutans and pygmy elephants call it home. Having quietly designed holidays to Borneo for repeat clients for several years, Experience Travel Group has steadily built up an expert Borneo team and created the exciting new experiences that form the basis of the new full programme of Borneo holidays.

Experience Travel Group’s new Borneo holidays are truly bespoke, covering all bases from in-depth adventures around the whole island to highlights tours that combine astounding wildlife with exotic beaches and cultural hotspots. The following three tours demonstrate just some of the unforgettable experiences on offer.

Beach and Wildlife: The Classic

From £2,990 per person, including all accommodation, experiences, entrance fees, guides, transport, flights and a number of meals.

This 15-day itinerary enables travellers to explore the exotic flora and fauna of Borneo, while also allowing plenty of time to relax on its beautiful beaches. Visiting the states of Sabah and Sarawak, this holiday starts in the city of Kuching and finishes at the stunning Gaya Island Resort, taking in Bako and Mulu National Parks, Kota Kinabalu and the Kinabatangan River en route.  Highlights include getting up close to orangutans in Kuching and exploring the majestic Mulu caves. With accommodation in the best hotels included throughout, this trip takes visitors off-the-beaten track and into the wilderness, without compromising on comfort.

Borneo Adventure

From £2,650 per person, including all accommodation, experiences, entrance fees, guides, transport, flights and a number of meals.

A unique 16-day tour of Borneo with some truly magnificent adventures, this itinerary allows travellers to get a true feel for the depth and variety of Borneo’s wildlife, village life, culture and tradition. Highlights include a five-day adventure in Mulu National Park, incorporating the adventurous 11.5km ‘Headhunters Trail’, which follows the route taken by the Kayan headhunting parties as they launched raids on the Limbang people; scaling Mount Kinabalu; and exploring some of the world’s biggest caves. Accommodation ranges from traditional longhouses to basic lodgings during the treks, but there is a chance to relax in high-quality hotels too – especially at Pantai Dalit Beach, where the holiday concludes in very comfortable surroundings.

Borneo Encompassed

From £4,249 per person, including all accommodation, experiences, entrance fees, guides, transport, flights and a number of meals.

This three-week in-depth adventure takes in Borneo’s finest natural wonders and is as inspiring as it is relaxing. From traversing rainforests and cruising down rivers and mangroves to exploring caves and relaxing on sun-drenched islands, this itinerary has it all. Whether it’s hearing the call of gibbons, seeing orangutans swinging in the trees or spotting dolphins, travellers will be taken aback by the incredible wildlife throughout the trip. Highlights include a night safari in Tabin National Park and a trek through the stunning jungle of Danum Valley – and an optional visit to Selingan Island to learn about turtle conservation. Accommodation ranges from basic lodges to the stunning Bunga Raya Resort.

Experience Travel Group specialises in bespoke holidays for passionate travellers. Offering adventures in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Borneo, Indonesia and India, Experience Travel Group expertly tailor-makes trips that enrich their clients’ travel experiences.

1 year ago

Did you know that Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

Did you know that Al Lamb

The only Honda Motorcycle Dealer Within the Dallas City Limits. Family Owned & Operated Since 1977.

Did you know that Al Lamb's Dallas Honda has loads of "new" used inventory!? Come see our updated inventory today, or check us out at!



1 year ago

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2014 Honda CB1000R

Sometimes muscle is the name of the game, and that’s where the Honda CB1000R comes in. No other machine offers this level of performance combined with a comfortable, do-it-all riding position and an off-the-charts sense of style. What makes this supersport motorcycle stand out from the rest? Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda designed the CB1000R with a special chassis that puts the 998cc engine out front and center, allowing the rider to sit more upright. The result: This machine is one of the most versatile open-class sportbike motorcycles the world has ever seen.

Curb Weight - 485 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel—ready to ride)

Miles Per Gallon - 37 MPG – Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda's fuel economy estimates are based on EPA exhaust emission measurement test procedures and are intended for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you



Note - Specifications subject to change without notice.

Available Colors - Matte Gray Metallic

Model Id - CB1000R


CB1000R Accessories


CB1000R Passenger Seat Cowl (White) - 42-08F71-MFN-L00ZC        $161.46

CB1000R 17" Wheel Stripe Sticker - 42-0SP01-MFJ-140            $25.46

CB1000R 3d Logo - 42-08F85-MFN-120   $50.96

CB1000R Passenger Seat Cowl (Black) - 42-08F74-MFN-110   $161.46

CB1000R Under Fender Cowl - 42-08F44-MFN-100A    $106.21

CB1000R Rear Brake Air Guide Kit - 42-08F62-MFN-100A      $42.46

CB1000R Cycle Cover - 42-0SP34-MFL-301         $93.46


Contact Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda now!


1 year ago

Best Reviewed Fountain Valley Orthopedic Surgery Center by Howard Marans MD

Best Reviewed Fountain Valley Orthopedic Surgery Center by Howard Marans MD


Patient satisfaction is the reason why the office of Dr. Howard Marans is the best reviewed Fountain Valley Orthopedic Surgery Center. Dr. Marans and his staff are highly qualified compassionate professionals dedicated to treating all patients with respect and dignity, while provided the best orthopedic care.


Top Fountatin Valley Orthopedic Surgery Center


Dr. Marans has spent over 20 years dedicating his life to improving the orthopedic health of his patients. Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that deals with bone and soft tissue injuries. He carefully reviews each case and thoughtfully addresses the patient and their family members about possible treatment options. Patients never feel pressured but remain well informed about their conditions. Every patient’s questions are addressed cheerfully and honestly.


The individualized attention to each and every patient is the foremost reason why this practice is the best reviewed Fountain Valley orthopedic surgery center.


Hand and wrist care is one of Dr. Marans several specialties. This includes hand and finger fractures. Finger and wrist fractures can be very serious, and if not treated quickly, could result in loss of use of appendage or worse. The wrist and hand contain many bones with an intricate system of soft tissues that enable complex activities, such as writing and tool use.


Two common conditions that are treated are carpal and ulnar tunnel syndromes. These conditions are caused by overuse of the wrist or elbow or when those joints are pressed into one particular position for extended periods of time. Osteoarthritis is very common, especially for those who are very active in older populations. Dr. Marans treats arthritis of the hands and wrists and makes every attempt to keep the patient functioning at their desired levels with little or no pain.


Upper extremity care – arm and shoulder – are also common problem areas. Sports can play a major role in arm, elbow, and shoulder injuries. Sports medicine in orthopedic treatment is a common and necessary specialty. Often surgery is not indicated for most injuries of this type.


When surgery is indicated, providing the best care and surgical outcomes is another reason why this practice is the best reviewed Fountain Valley orthopedic surgery center in southern California.


Lingering pain in the wrist elbow may need surgical intervention to reduce pressure. Sometimes the pain can radiate down the arm and cause rather severe discomfort in some patients with ulnar or carpal tunnel syndromes. Many conditions of this type can be treated with rest, splinting, and anti-inflammatory medications.


Shoulder injuries, such as displaced joints or rotator cuff injuries can occur in more frequently in athletes. Bursitis, common in shoulder joints, is a painful inflammatory condition that causes pain in the sacs of fluid around the joint, known as bursa, making it difficult to lift the affected shoulder outward.


Foot, ankle, and knee injuries are lower extremity conditions that Dr. Marans treats. Sports injuries are the most common problems involving the lower extremities. Ankle and knee twisting are typical in several types of sporting activities, such as soccer, football, and baseball. Most sprains involve soft tissue and treatment consists of rest. Some knee injuries require surgical repair of ligaments. Most can be done arthroscopically, which reduces down time and recovery. An arthrocope is a small camera to view the damaged joint during surgery.